Prue (Shannon Doherty)

Prudence Halliwell the oldest Charmed One, is the daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell. As the oldest sister, Prue was the strongest and most protective, having spent much of her childhood keeping an eye on her sisters after their mother's death.When the show first started Prue was working at Bucklands Auction House, Prue authenticated auction pieces for Bucklands. Prue liked working there, but her dream was to become a photographer and in the season two, she saw what her life would be like if she stayed at Bucklands - it wasn't pretty. Soon after, Prue changed jobs and became a professional photographer.Prue saw herself as her sisters' protector and would do everything in her power to keep them safe, even risk her own safety first. This was the same for the innocents she fought so hard to protect. The end of Prue's life is the reason many fans have come to love and care so much for her. She would rather risk her life to keep her sisters and innocents safe. Prue was a true hero from the beginning to the very end. She will remain in the hearts of all forever.

Prue & Andy

Once Prue came into her powers, she invariably became involved in criminal cases involving murdered, missing, or otherwise harmed innocents. This led her to reunite with her highschool sweetheart, Andy Trudeau, who had become a inspector with the SFPD. Their feelings apparently rekindled, they began dating again. On their first date in years, they end up picking up just where they left off, but afterwards, decide to slow it down. The relationship was turbulent - Prue's secret witchcraft caused a lot of difficulties. She was regularly late or a no show for dates and appointments with Andy, much to his frustration, and even more frustrating for Andy was Prue's inexplicable involvement in his cases, causing him to start a file containing his own hypothesis which was startlingly accEventually, Prue cast a truth spell on Andy without his knowledge, whereby 24 hours later, he would remember nothing from the past day. She used this to tell him the truth about herself to see if he could accept it. In the last three minutes of the day before the spell ended, he could not tell her that he could overcome it because he wanted a normal family, and so she called the relationship off. Andy grew hostile toward Prue after her many involvements with his cases without explanations. He finally caught her using magic to fight a demon, and she was forced to tell him everything. Andy was in a state of shock for a long time, but his feelings hadn't change since he was under the truth spell: he still wanted a normal life with a normal family, and nothing to do with magic. Prue accepted this, and they reamined close. Despite the lack of a romantic relationship, Prue and Andy still loved each other deeply. Things looked hopeful, but at the end of season one Andy dies to save Prue. Andy's spirit visits Prue in a dream, assuring her that his death wasn't her fault, and that it was meant to be. While Prue initially accepts this, her viewpoint changes with grief. She soon begins to think there is no use to being a witch if she cannot save her loved ones from evil. Piper and Phoebe reminded her that she warned Andy to stay out of harm's way, but he chose to get involved, and he died a hero. After Andy's death, Prue dated a coworker, an irritaing, unorthodox, very anti-Andy character named Jack Sheridan. At one point, she suspected he was a warlock when she believed she saw him in two places at once. Turns out Jack has a twin brother, who was impersonating Jack for fun. Though she hated him at first, he won her over with his charm. Jack helped her loosen up and stop taking herself so seriously, but when his lack of professional ethics and immaturity did not match up to where Prue wanted to go with her life, she broke it off with Jack. Another involvement, though not a relationship, was with crime boss Bane Jessup under the guise of being an assassin, and later when he kidnapped her to get her to help him clear his name. The relationship was based on sexual heat and short-lived, more of a flirtation than anything else.urate. 

The Lost Of A Sister

Prue's death was the eventual consequence, in the show's third season finale, of a series of events that involved magic becoming exposed, time being turned back, and the sisters being tricked by the Source of All Evil. After a battle between Piper, Prue, and the demon Shax next to the Manor was caught on tape by a television crew filming in the street, magic, and both the world of witches and demons was exposed to the general public, something which was to be avoided by both good and evil at all costs. After Piper was killed by an aggressive witch-wannabe, and Prue was ordered to be shot by special forces, there was no other choice for Leo, Phoebe and Cole than to try to make a deal with the Source of All Evil, which was attempted by Cole. The Source agreed to authorize the demon Tempus to turn back time by one day on Earth. The Source's trick was that while Prue and Piper, defending an innocent, were attacked by Shax just like previously, Phoebe, Cole and Leo were stuck in the underworld. When Leo and Phoebe eventually escaped from the underworld, they arrived in time to heal Piper, however, they were too late to heal the more seriously wounded Prue, who was already dead. According to her obituary, she died on a Thursday. Interestingly, it is likely that Prue would have died anyway, even if time hadn't been rewound - government agents had taken over the hospital where Piper's body and Prue were, and they were ordered to kill her. Just as a bullet was about to strike Prue's face, time rewound. Leading to Prue being killed by Shax.


She Will Always Be In Our Hearts


You Will Be Missed Dearly

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